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We are the Top Wedding Photographers and Videographers with experience capturing over hundreds of weddings for couples.  We also travel all over the country and world to photograph and film engagements, elopements and weddings.  Check out the rest of our site to learn more about our style and services!

Our Style

Weddings are meant to be FUN and a celebration of marriage so we focus on smiles, laughter and real moments.  We approach a wedding day in a photojournalistic style and our goal is to tell the story of your wedding day through pictures and video.  So basically we love candid moments.  There will be times throughout the day that we will pose you, your fiancé, your family, your wedding, etc.  And that's okay because those images are very important.  But the rest of the day we capture the big and small moments of the day as the unfold.  And even when we do get spend time with you and your fiancé (yes we will pose you because we don't expect you to be ready with your "moves") we do it in a way that looks and feels natural.  We ask you questions, get you two interacting and laughing and loving each other authentically that doesn't feel posed or stiff.


We photograph and film EVERYTHING.  We capture the venue, your family, the excitement, the decor you made, the decor you bought, your dress, your shoes, your love, your friends and most importantly you and your new spouse.



We Offer Photography & Videography!

We offer both photo and video so you don't have to use multiple companies.  Our teams are used to working together so communication and organization for your wedding day is made easier.  The contracts, the questionnaires, the payments, the questions, the emails, the timelines, etc. all run through us so no coordinating back and forth with more than one photo and video company.  When our teams arrive on your wedding day we're all prepared and know what each other needs to bring you the most amazing wedding photos and videos.

Only Need One?

That's fine too!  You don't have to book both services.  You can book either one separately.  You can just book our videography team for your wedding day and we'll still work flawlessly with your photographer.  Or you can't afford the videography but love our photography then that's great too.  Either way we'd love to be a part of your wedding day so having just photo or video would be wonderful. 

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